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"I have decided to host in my Foundation the paintings of Tiziana Epis after I noticed and admired the decision of the style and the vigour of the colour.

Without any doubt her artistic growth has been strongly influenced by the bright environment loaded of hues like the one of the American desert that surrounds her house in Arizona. In her paintings an innate talent has found an easy expression of freedom from themes clearly figurative, themes that the artist has skilfully hidden under the transparencies of collages and enriched with a lively and personal palette. At the same time, in the fifty drawing presented at my Foundation, we can notice the confidence of the hand of an artist technically well preapared, who with a single stroke, without any separation of the charcoal from the paper, gives a perfect profile of opulent woman with perfect forms.

In my Foundation I often hosted young artists, at their debut, and I have several times contributed to the launching of young talents. Tiziana Epis is not a newcomer in fine art, but she desired a prestigious starting point, for a world wide tour of exhibitions in Europe, and I ,with my Foundation, have been glad to offer it to her.

The Raffaele De Grada presentation and the De Michelis comments made in a conference held in the showroom where the exhibit "I colori e i collage di Tiziana Epis" has been hosted, have indeed confirmed that the choice cannot be more correct and that once again I have identified an artist of sure success.

My intentions, in the Foundation future, are focused to find a definitive and perennial residence for my sculptures and for the works of artists, who in several years, left here a mark of their passage. I'm sure that the Tiziana's one will continue to raise emotions thanks to the confidence of her stroke and to the courage of her colors"