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" I'm here to present Tiziana Epis and I should say that I like this artist, in the sense that I saw immediately that there are in her the qualities of a painter. And this is very important. What does it mean? When we put together one colour with another one and we give a tonality to the painting, the painter does this with a criteria that is not only improvisation but also study. So, each of these paintings has value for what is the ability of the artist to put the colours together in the way that the whole complex has a meaning....From her painting we can understand that Epis, facing the reality has found the way that allows to forget it and to assume a vision more general and more emotive. She is arrived , with an ability that I should say quite exceptional, to make these last works where, playing with the rice paper, with a collage that never prevails to the painting itself, she succeeds to make works that give pleasure. Great pleasure. And this is the point : the art should, in first place, give us pleasure as well as be an element of decor in an environment, in a situation. ... From the time Kandinsky said that " it's useless to paint from the window some carriages that go by. It's enough to assume the general concept and give it back with a pictoric fantasy", there has been really a lot of abstract painting.. But when the art history seemed heading firmly this way we find artists like Matisse, like Picasso, like so many others that do have value and are instead absolutely figurative. So, our century is not the century of the abstract but the one where all these positions meet and cross each other.

...On the other room I saw a painting that recalled me Rothko, an American artist of great name, who used to paint these planes of colour, one close to the other, making of them his artistic flag. Instead we see that Epis left these ideas, that were coming from her good knowledge of the American fine art, and embraced a concept more European of the painting, more elaborate, more refined like the one coming from the great masters (Braque etc.) This is why, looking to these paintings, you should have the conscience that you are looking an artist who has indeed elaborated a concept of style and has carried it to these last experiences that are really positive. For exemple with the red painting the third one from the end of the room ("America I, ndr). Here is Tiziana Epis!"