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"...Coming back to the research subject that the painter Tiziana Epis, that I had the pleasure to know, her painting is tied to the search of "Informel". It's connected therefore to the big subject of Informel, born in the Unites States in the '40s at Woodstock with De Kooning and then transferred in Italy. The "Informel" was binded to the literature...literature that has been written in France by Jean Paul Sartre.

...Here : Epis has collected in America this school, this way of performing and representing. Her paintings are islands that are joined together as compages, connections of situations realized with the contributions of different materials, not only of painting as such, but through the usage of Japanese transparent rice paper and large collages.

When I entered this room I saw this painting ("Pink and Blue", ndr) that remembered me the painting of a great French of Russian origin whose name was Sergej Poliakoff. He was a great artist, one of the greatest artist of the European "Informel". Now, Epis has collected and carried, through the exibit at the "Fondazione Mantovani", followed by the one at the "Galleria Sargadelos" and today here at the Consulate, she carried these pages, that are pages of memory of this fracture between "Informel" and figurative, of this williness of recovery of the man dignity.

...Today is easy to say:" I do research and I can demonstrate to you that my painting, even if not pleasant, is interesting and intelligent". All this can be said and done but it's the perseverance and the work that Epis succeeded to do, to put in comparison one painting with the other that becomes, after all, the judgement of the other paintings...

....the critic point is never expressed by the critic himself that does it as profession, but it's expressed in the whole set of works of the painter.. A work of art can judge another work of art..I wanted to say with this that I congratulate you, dear Tiziana, very much and I invite you to continue in this search. We will stay in touch. And at the next exhibit I want to be the one to present you at the vernissage...